Meet our Featured Funder of WELD

Meet our Featured Funder of WELD

WELD—funny name for a group of women transplant surgeons, nephrologists, coordinators, nurses, social workers and living kidney donors and recipients?  Maybe not. Women nationally and worldwide are the ones who donate their organs while living and register to donate them when they die. Women also fill most of the positons on a transplant team: coordinators, social workers, nurses. It’s a woman’s voice that guides patients and donors to transplant, and overwhelmingly, says yes to it herself.

WELD wants everyone to be educated about living donation. Why? So patients know what they are asking for and everyone else knows what they are being asked to consider.  And to save the 16 people a day who die waiting for a kidney. 

WELD speaks to:

·      Patients who don’t know what to do when they’re told to “find a living donor”

·      Patients who want to speak to someone who’s been through it and to ask questions they might not feel comfortable asking in a doctor’s office.

·      Patient’s family and friends who need to know more to help in the search.

·      The public via social media, billboards, and speaking engagements.

·      People who love stories of living donation. Visit our blog here.


So maybe not such a funny name, especially when you look at the definition of “weld”:

(v) to cause to combine and form a harmonious or effective whole”.

Please find out more and become part of…this harmonious and effective whole:

WELD was founded in July 2015 as a program of the John Brockington Foundation, and is currently based in San Diego.

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