JBF 2017 Gala

JBF’s 2017 Gala is in the books—marking 16 years of service to San Diego’s kidney and transplant patients. We’re able to assist people in kidney failure because of friends like you who attend each year, renew friendships, bid on items, fill your champagne flutes—and fill our Patient Assistance Fund.  Because of your generosity at the gala, we’ve sustained the fund through 2018—and here’s proof of the fun we had doing it! 


Fans, friends, long time supporters—having fun at JBF’s annual Gala.


2500 San Diegans wait on the transplant list

For 14 years JBF has worked to make the wait easier and shorter.

San Diego transplant patients:

  •  “I’d walk to the MacDonald’s 3 blocks away and they’d give me ice in a plastic bag to keep my insulin. Until JBF bought me a refrigerator.”
  •  “My wife didn’t get better right away after her transplant. It meant 6 more weeks at Bannister House and we didn’t have the money. JBF picked up the tab.”
  •  “John and Diane drove down to the motel and gave them cash so I could stay 11 more nights until my VA housing came through.”
  • "In June 2016, we brought in Dr. Jim Rodrigue from Beth Israel Deaconess for the final training of our Connect To Transplant coaches, 10 living donors who will help patients find their living donors.  June also marked the month a new child psychologist joined the Rady transplant team, her hours funded in part by JBF. Besides having an impressive resume, Miss Molly is a big hit with the kids.
  • August 2016 brought this thank you note from a single mom whose son was at Rady for a kidney transplant when his little sister was diagnosed with leukemia: “Your assistance means so much to me but even more to my children as your generous support has allowed me to take time off to be with them during their treatments. Thank you. You truly have made a difference.”


 Won’t you join us?

Watch how ESPN helped JBF begin and how supporters help us grow at the annual Pro Athletes for Life Gala and FanForLife campaign. 

Saved by Living Donation

Saved by a living donation

Saved by a deceased donation

Raising funds for patients.

FanForLife Fest

Each April, we Wave along the Bay—for 2100 San Diegans who wait on the list. www.fanforlife.org